Former Radio 1 presenter Alice Levine had to hide her embarrassment as she watched a couple have sex on webcam for money only inches away from her.

Presenting the Channel 4 documentary ‘Sex Actually with Alice Levine’, she was forced to confront the naked reality of couples having sex in front of her.

In the first episode, the former Radio 1 DJ tracked three couples as they looked to make money out of broadcasting their sex lives.

One couple, 21-year-old Kayla ( and known as ‘Foxy’ on camera) and Jack, 27, revealed to Alice that they decided to go into ‘camming’ full time after only four months of dating when Kayla was furloughed during the pandemic.

Alice Levine in front of Kayla and Jack

“We’ll just try it and see what happens,” Jack recalled thinking.

Kayla continued: “For fun and games, and to see if anyone wants to watch us have sex, surprisingly people do.”

Prior to witnessing their cam session, Alice confessed she wasn’t sure what to expect, saying: “I’m feeling quite nervous actually, I was feeling quite excited, and then I was thinking about what was actually going to happen and now I’m quite nervous. ”

But it was made even more awkward when it transpired that there would only be two viewers of the couple’s steamy session – Alice, and a man going by the name of ‘Ph30n1x’.

Jack teased: “We’re going to show Ph30n1x a couple of tricks.”

Jack and Kayla
Jack and Kayla revealed that they started ‘camming’ when Kayla was furloughed from her job during the pandemic

As the couple began getting intimate, occasionally chatting to Phoenix, Alice could be seen smirking in the corner and trying to avert her gaze.

“Kayla and Jack had tried their best to describe what the show would be like, but I was not prepared for the reality of watching two people have sex, just two meters away from my face,” she noted.

“I’d promised to stay for the whole show, which would sometimes last for over an hour.”

After they were finished, Phoenix signed off, saying: “Good to see ya!”

Alice was even on hand to give the couple some tissues to clear up their mess moments after it had, literally, finished.

Alice Levine in front of a house - a Channel 4 promotional picture
Couples on the show revealed how they would make money through ‘camming’, where they would broadcast steamy sex sessions to paying viewers

The pair broadcast five times a week, with viewers paying £1 an hour plus any tips.

And Jack and Kayla revealed that they had made around £40 from 20 minutes of work.

“It does seem like a lot of effort for £40”, questioned Alice.

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