A confused man has taken to a Facebook group ‘Abena Manokekame’ to seek advice from from Facebook users after he left his girlfriend at his apartment and travelled.

According to the man, he thinks something happened between his girlfriend and his co tenant who he asked to help his girlfriend fix something in his apartment when he was away.

He said, his girlfriend has been asking about the guy anytime they are talking on the phone when she left his place and what is suspicious about the whole thing is, his co tenant said his girlfriend’s breast is nice when he commented on a lady’s breast.

Below is the man’s post,


Good morning Abena
I traveled and left my lady in my apartment. She needed something to be fixed in the room so I asked my co-tenant who is a guy to help her fix it since I was gonna take weeks before getting back.

A few days later, my lady called and informed me the guy came to fix the thing which was an electrical appliance. Fast forward, I got back and she had to travel as well. During her time of the travel, she kept asking of my co-tenant from me anytime we were talking. She did that about 3 times and I cautioned her, but her reply was “ I’m asking of your friend from you and you’re getting angry, next time I won’t ask him, I will call him or you think I don’t have his contact?”

And I replied, “if you have his contact why then do you keep asking of him from me?” For some period she stopped asking of the guy whenever we were having a convo. But not long after, she started asking of the guy again but I decided to play nice.

A few days later, I was scrolling through my WhatsApp statuses when someone posted naked breast on her status. I was with the guy by then so I was like, “my guy see fine breast ooo.” This guy opened his mouth and was like, “but ebi so your lady en breast too dey.” I became angry and shocked with the comment from him but I kept mute.

A few days later, I was having convo with my lay and she asked of the guy again. When I remembered the comment the guy made about her breast I was angry and I asked, “why do you keep asking of this guy from me? He is not really my friend and the first time he came close to you is when I asked him to come help you fix the electrical appliance as I was away.”

Then she said she has even forgotten that she said she’ll not ask of him from me again so she will call him whenever she wanna find out how he’s doing
Then I asked her, “how come you have this guy’s contact?” She said when he came to fix the appliance, the screws did not fit well so he wanted to go get new screws.

He asked for her contact in case she might not be available before he got back. And I asked her, “did you give your contact out?” and she said yes. “Has he called you?” She said yes. “What was the call about?” She said he’d wanted to find out if she’s around.

Meanwhile this guy’s room is next to mine. I asked, after fixing the electrical appliance has he called you again and she said no but he’s only been texting her to find how she’s doing. And I was like, “why would he be texting you to find out how you’re doing?” She said she doesnt know, so she realized I was getting angry and she changed her mind that she was only joking with all that she said to me.

In fact I’m having this feeling something happened between her and my co-tenant while I was away. Because from my further interrogations, she was in a nightwear when she allowed the guy to come into the room to fix the appliance
I need an advice from your fans

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