If you struggle to fit exercise into your day or find yourself feeling lethargic until you’re out and about then this personal trainer’s morning workout could help.

Gede Foster, head of fitness at Fiit, is a specialist personal trainer who has perfected her figure and helps others achieve the gains they desire on Instagram,

And, her latest workout routine is just the thing to blast off the cobwebs, make you feel more energetic and get some exercise in before the day begins.

Plus, for those of you grumbling about working out first thing don’t worry – it’s very gentle.

Gede’s “morning mobility” routine is based on yoga techniques and poses which get your blood pumping and relax your mind.

Posting a snap, and several demonstrations, on Instagram, Gede said: “Set yourself up for success with some gentle morning movement.”

Gede regularly posts fitness content online
Gede regularly posts fitness content online

Here’s her perfect morning routine and how it sets you up for the day.

Morning Mobility

  1. Segmented cat cow – mobilise the spine and work into any tight segments.
  2. Scap mobility – retraction and protraction / elevation and depression / opposite circles. This is great for unlocking the shoulders. The third one isn’t as easy as it looks.
  3. Four point knee hovers to downward dog – fire up the core and stretch the back body.
  4. Thoracic twist with groin stretch – warming up the rotation of the spine and stretching out the groin.
  5. Hip flexor and hamstring stretch & groin stretch with side bend – opens up the hips and waist.
  6. Flat back and Roll up – start to ease into a good standing posture, stretching the back body.
  7. Lunge variation – this starts to fire up the muscles in your legs and back.
  8. Scooter with twist – works single leg stability, fire up glutes.

Gede added: “Let me know how this improves your day! Hit save for the morning! “

If you need help with any of the moves, click the arrow on Gede’s Instagram post above to watch her perform each exercise.

In the comments, gene’s fitness fans praised the easy routine.

One person said: “Saved,” while another added: “Need to do this.”

A third wrote: “Loving this,” and another commented: “This is so great.”

How do you get yourself going in the morning? Tell us in the comments…

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