The sap produced by poison ivy comprises a compound often known as urushiol which causes itching, swelling and blistering. Though the rash fashioned there off might not require medical therapy, making use of house treatments for poison ivy may help to hasten the therapeutic. These embody house treatments for the rash, pure in addition to natural treatments. We talk about the utilization of those treatments on this put up.

Residence Cures for Poison Ivy

The poison ivy produces sap containing an oil compound often known as urushiol. This is similar compound produced by the poison sumac and poison oak. The compound is supposed to assist the plant retain water however has a horrible impact on human pores and skin. When it touches the pores and skin, it results in swelling, itching and at instances a blistering rash. In very delicate folks the results may additionally prolong to intense burning sensations, crimson bumps and fever.

Listed here are house treatments for poison ivy rash.

This may very well be for just a few hours or as much as ten days relying on severity. Essentially the most harmful publicity to poison ivy although is skilled when the plant is burnt. It’s because is produces a sap-coated soot able to getting in eyes, the nostril, throat and the respiratory system. To relax these results, you may make use of house treatments for poison ivy mentioned under.

Working water

To minimize the severity of the results, the affected a part of the physique ought to be washed off with working water and cleaning soap. Doing this instantly after contact helps to attenuate severity and measurement of rash that types later. Use chilly and never scorching water as this might open up the pores and thus enable extra toxins to penetrate the pores and skin. When attempting to reduce the results of the sap on face, keep in mind to watch out sufficient to not let the water get into the eyes.

Run water on the poison ivy rash as a pure treatment

Chilly compresses

Chilly compresses are likely to constrict the blood vessels and thus reduce the quantity of poisons getting into the physique. Additionally they numb the realm subsequently decreasing poison ivy itch and swelling. This fashion the rash is minimized. Every time the rash will get itchy, attempt to tame it by making use of a chilly press. This can forestall you from scratching the realm which may trigger open blisters and infections.

Witch Hazel

That is identified to additionally scale back the rash on the purpose of contact. Dab a small quantity of natural witch hazel on the affected space. This can aid itch and cleanse the realm as effectively. It may also be taken or used within the type of brewed tea. Dip a cotton ball into it and dab it on the realm. Go away it to air dry and repeat as could also be needed.

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Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan crystal salt for treating poison ivy rash at house.

Salt is a good treatment for poison ivy because it helps to empty out the surplus water that outcomes after contact. Use purified water to make a paste from Himalayan salt. You could possibly additionally take a shower within the salt and soak in it for half-hour.

Chilly Espresso

Espresso comprises chlorogenic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. This helps to maintain the swelling and blistering down. Use a cotton ball to use chilly espresso on the affected space. To keep away from additional spreading, make sure you dispose the cotton ball correctly and that it doesn’t come into contact with different elements of the physique. You may also use chilly espresso to scrub up the realm. Pour an quantity sufficient to run over the realm such as you would when washing it with water.

Lavender Oil

This important oil is yet one more nice treatment for poison ivy. It helps to heal the affected pores and skin quickly. This ought to be used after the blisters have opened. This oil is protected to be used undiluted and will be dabbed on the realm of therapy utilizing a cotton ball.

Mouth Wash

Mouth wash comprises antibacterial brokers to protect the mouth. These identical compounds work to lock therapeutic on the pores and skin’s level of contact with the poison ivy.  It additionally comprises alcohol that helps to dry up the rash on face. Minty ones are most most popular for this situation. Use a cotton ball to dab some on the purpose of poison ivy contact.

Pine Tar Cleaning soap

Pine tar comprises therapeutic brokers. It has for lengthy been utilized in mixture with different compounds in ointments and soaps. Use it to scrub up the realm below working water for a quick treatment.

Dish Washing Cleaning soap

Dish washing soaps which are meant for grease chopping will probably be efficient on poison ivy. One could make some out of standard liquid cleaning soap by including some lemon juice. Formulations which are specifically made to chop grease will assist to interrupt down the oils in urushiol and thus scale back its results. This can work out nice for a quick itch aid.

Ocean Water

Since this comprises round 3.5 p.c salt, it may well assist to hurry up the drying up of the blisters and assist therapeutic. The identical will be replicated by dissolving salt in water. Use the water to scrub up the realm. You could possibly additionally soak a bandage with the water and apply this on the rash.

Residence Cures for Poison Ivy Rash

In keeping with Mayo Clinic, 50 p.c of individuals who get into contact with poison ivy develop an itchy rash. When poison ivy comes into contact along with your pores and skin, the extent of response that you just expertise is dependent upon the pores and skin sensitivity. Instantly the oil has touched the pores and skin, it begins penetrating it. 12 to 48 hours later, the realm could have turned crimson, change into itchy and a few rash will seem. That is then adopted up by blistering which ought to heal inside 10 days. To hasten the therapeutic course of, you may make use of house treatments for poison ivy rash.

Tea Tree Oil

This important oil comprises antiseptic properties and might cease the blisters from oozing. This can hasten therapeutic. Utilizing the oil may sting however the stinging ought to fade after some time. Earlier than making use of tea tree on a big space, take a look at in case your pores and skin is delicate to it. In case it’s, dilute it with an equal quantity of water. If not, dab the oil on the realm and go away it on with out rinsing.


Aspirin comprises salicylic acid which helps to quicken the therapeutic of the rash. Grind just a few aspirin tablets and add some water to them to make a constant paste. Apply the paste on the realm and go away it to dry.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion for relieving poison ivy itch

This usually comprises a mix of ferric acid or iron and zinc oxide. It acts as an anti-itch treatment and may help to assuage poison ivy rash by drying it up. Buy some from a retailer or make some at house and apply some on the realm thrice every day.

Burrow’s answer

This is without doubt one of the lesser identified poison ivy treatments. It’s offered over-the-counter with out a prescription to alleviate rashes. It may be present in both pill or powder kind. Combine it with water as directed and apply the paste on the realm. This could assist drain the rash and heal it quick.

Hydrocortisone Lotions

These lotions can be found over-the-counter. They may help to deal with delicate circumstances of poison ivy. Buy this from the closest drugstore and apply it on the realm. The place the response to contact with poison ivy is extreme and warrants a go to to the physician, prescription power lotions could also be supplied as therapy for itch aid and to dry up the rash.

Poison Ivy Pure Therapy

In case you might be questioning whether or not it’s doable to naturally deal with the aftermath of poison ivy contact, there are poison ivy pure remedies that basically work. These are gadgets which are available and subsequently reasonably priced.


Cucumber slices are a easy treatment for poison ivy.

    Place just a few slices of cucumber on the purpose of contact and go away it for some time.
    You could possibly additionally mash up the cucumber and apply the paste on the pores and skin for it to offer a soothing impact.

Baking Soda Poison Ivy Remedy in Eye

Baking soda hastens restoration. It helps to do away with the irritation and itch that’s caused by poison ivy. It additionally helps to attract out the toxins to the skins floor.

    Combine one teaspoon of water with three teaspoons of baking soda. Combine effectively till a paste types. Apply the paste generously on the affected space and look ahead to the paste to flake off. Repeat process each two hours.
    One other method to make use of this may be so as to add a cup of baking soda I the tub water with heat water in it. Soak in it for half-hour.
    Yet one more efficient method to make use of baking soda is so as to add two tablespoons of baking soda right into a liter of water. Get sterile gauze pads and saturate them with this combination after which use them to cowl poison ivy blisters for ten minutes. This although shouldn’t be used on or near the eyes.

Oatmeal for Rash on Face

Oatmeal helps in soothing the itch. This protects you from scratching which might in any other case make the state of affairs worse. There are other ways to make use of oatmeal.

    Grind a cup of oatmeal within the blender till it types a tremendous powder. Pour this onto a cheese fabric or a clear pantyhose and apply the pouch straight on the rash.
    You could possibly additionally soak in oats. Bathtub in lukewarm water that has a cupful of oatmeal to dry up oozing blisters and soothe pores and skin irritation.

Rubbing Alcohol

This can assist to stop additional infections and forestall the rash from spreading. It’s advisable to hold some with you when you understand you’re going to areas with the plant. For the reason that poison doesn’t penetrate the pores and skin unexpectedly, rubbing alcohol helps to stop the toxic chemical from penetrating the pores and skin additional. It may additionally assist to attract out the chemical.

    Instantly after moving into contact with the plant, apply rubbing alcohol. This can scale back discomfort and reduce its spreading.
    Rinse the uncovered space effectively with water and dispose materials used to rub the realm off.

Banana Peels for Itch Aid

Banana peels assist to chill itching in addition to aid the results of poison ivy. Rub the internal a part of a banana peel on the affected a part of the pores and skin to learn from its cooling properties.

Watermelon Rind

Watermelon tends to be chilly on the pores and skin and has the identical results as cucumbers. It is going to supply aid from itch ensuing from the poison ivy. Rub the rinds on the a part of the pores and skin that’s affected.

Lemon juice

This acts as a pure astringent and helps to eradicate the oil. It really works by breaking down the urushiol compounds. This ought to be utilized quickly after contact earlier than the oil from the plant will get totally into the pores and skin.

Vinegar Treatment for Poison Ivy

Apple cider vinegar is an efficient poison ivy rash pure therapy. It comprises medicinal properties and works by drawing out toxins from the rash. This fashion apple cider vinegar helps to tame he allergic response in addition to the itch.

    Begin off by totally cleansing the realm utilizing lukewarm water and cleaning soap.
    Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place this on the rash.
    Let it relaxation for some time earlier than rinsing it off.

Natural Cures for Poison Ivy

Natural treatments for poison ivy assist in therapy of the ensuing rash.  Every of those will work in another way on people however mustn’t take extra than10 days to clear.

Aloe vera

This historic treatment for many pores and skin situations can work on poison ivy rash because it comprises anti-inflammatory constituents. Get some aloe leaf and break it off. You could possibly additionally get some gel from pure shops and apply it straight on the rash.

Natural Goldenseal

Goldenseal helps to keep away from an infection on the rashes. For quick outcomes, combine some golden seal powder with some scorching water to make a paste. Rub the paste on the purpose of poison ivy contact. You could possibly additionally drink golden seal tea to hasten the therapeutic of the realm.

Rhubarb Stem

The juice from this stem is thought to assist alleviate the injury attributable to poison ivy. That is to be utilized on the realm like different remedies. Squeeze out the juice on a cotton ball and use it to dab the therapy on the realm.

The after results of poison ivy contact are irritating. One of the simplest ways to not expertise these is by studying how the plant appears like and hold off from it. In case you come into contact with it, take away your garments and wash the realm instantly and use the above talked about treatments. in case of extreme reactions reminiscent of bother respiration, rashes everywhere in the physique, contact with the eyes or genitals, contact your physician instantly.

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