The Hungarian FA have accused their English counterparts of playing a role in the ugly scenes in the crowd during Tuesday’s meeting between the two nations.

Within the first five minutes of the match, the travelling Hungary fans: booed England’s decision to take the knee, held up a banner protesting said decision and clashed with police after a steward was allegedly targeted by a racially insensitive comment.

It has since been revealed by The Telegraph that a handful of fans in the Hungarian end were in fact Polish hooligans looking to cause trouble, and the Hungarian FA have blamed England for not monitoring who was buying their tickets.

While Hungary have accepted they were responsible for selling the tickets, they have accused the English FA of providing them with a ticket link which did not restrict who could access it or share it, suggesting the link had found its way into the hands of the wrong crowd from both Hungary and Poland.

When asked how this could have happened, a spokesperson from the Hungarian FA said: “That is really a question for the English FA. We were just provided with a link.”

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