A young girl who is planning on selling one of her kidney’s to help support her family because she is from a very poor home is seeking advice on wether she should sell it or not.

Read her full sad story below,


Aunt Abena good morning. I’m a girl and there’s something bothering me and I want you and Mano family to help me.am someone that put my family first in anything I do. I’m from a very poor family and growing up I saw how my mom and dad struggled through farm work. I have three other siblings who are all girls and am the eldest.

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The 5ruth of the matter is that I’m not a lazy type. I have worked as a trotro mate, selling of coconut and others to provide for home and my little sister who is learning hair dressing. To be honest with you things are not okay at all because I recently had a surgery and can no longer hustle as I used to and my family needs my support. Both My parents are not feeling well I am not at peace for not being able to help them so I’m thinking of selling one of my kidney to support them.

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I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do because I can’t stand our situation any more. Please I need advice on it. I haven’t been able to discuss it with anyone Please let mano family advice me on it thank you and please let me know when you post it

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