A young lady has narrated how her father’s ghost came to the house and left money for their upkeep.

According to the lady, her father was very loud and bully. She said her father came home from town, pick money and went out again without saying anything.

She revealed that, two people came to their house asking if her father was ok because he paid them some money he owes them which he refused to pay for some months and left without saying a word.

They later discovered that her father was a ghost because he was killed in the farm and when they went inside they saw envelopes with money in them and their purpose.

Read the full gist below,


Aunt Abena my father used to be the very loud, bully that will fight anyone who crossed him. People sometimes asked him if he’s a woman because if he starts to quarrel with you, you’ll go and leave him and he’ll still be insulting you for everyone to hear. Wotwe manso kyɛn noa ɔbɛkye wo. Mum was the quiet one but this man was loud eii

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There was this day he came home from town, picked money and went out. He didn’t say anything to me, mum or my younger sister who was seated by the gate. Mum came to ask me if he said anything to me and I said no. Some few minutes later, one woman staying near came to ask what’s wrong with my dad because he went to her house and paid her old 100 cedis (he’d owed her for months and refused to pay. When she used to complaine he insulted her ). She said he didn’t say a word after giving her the money and left

About an hour later, one man too came and said my father gave him money he was owing without saying a word. Why he came to tell us was because he said my father behaved strangely. He didn’t say a word. Those times there was no phone to call him
My mother went inside their room and saw he had put money in envelopes with names on it. My fees, rent, chop money and one envelope with just F on it.

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Around 7 in the evening, this man was still not back and my mother went around to ask if anyone saw him. He hated when we looked for him like that but mom had no choice. Some few men came to the house and asked me where my mother was. I told them she’d gone out to look for my dad. I remember how this one turned to look at this one’s face like they were shocked.

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That’s when my mother came and asked them if they were looking for my father. She was crying and they said something, I didn’t hear. She said yes and they left. She went inside with me and said my father went to the farm and someone killed him with a machete and left the machete inside his head. I was thinking he was killed after he came for the money but it was later I heard he died before coming to the house

Mum used the envelope with the F on it to do his funeral. More people came to his funeral but they didn’t open his coffin because of his head. When I was in college, I saw someone like him 2 times around the same time he came home as a ghost. I told my mum, she told me to forget about it but I think it was him checking up on me.

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