A lady identified as Sisi Yemmie took to her social media page to reveal how a nanny rents out her boss’s kids to beggars.

Yemmie made this shocking revelation on Twitter.

According to her, the kids were always rented out in their absence and returned before the parents come back.

Here’s what she tweeted;

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“Omo things dey happen. Once the parents leave home, the nanny gives their baby out to beggars to use for the day before the parents come back 😥,” she wrote.

Another user adds to compliment Sisi Yemmie’s claim, “I have 4 kids, twins and two after them, my husband and I agreed/refused to get them into daycare or hire nanny, based on this, the year the twins were born we heard of 3-4 cases to solidify our reason, Benadryl overdose, beating up babies, and more …”

rents kids nanny

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