Make-up artist Charlotte Roberts has given fans a fright with her spooky Halloween makeup that has transformed her into Gollum.

The 18-year-old make-up prodigy has been posting a series of Halloween looks on Instagram, varying from The Joker to Edward Scissorhands.

However in her most recent Halloween, UK based Charlotte has taken inspiration from the ring bearing Lord of the Rings character.

Scarily, Charlotte has managed to transform herself into the creepy Hobbit creature with her masterful make-up techniques.

Posting to Instagram, Charlotte looks frighteningly different to her 18-year-old self having skilfully coated herself in grey body paint, has bulging blue eyes and rotting yellow teeth.

To really resemble Gollum, the young make-up artist did not stop with brushes and powders, as she also gave herself the signature Gollum hair strands to really give her followers a scare.

Charlotte Roberts Gollum
Charlotte has managed to transform herself into Gollum

And, to finish the whole look Charlotte also remembered the ‘precious’ gold ring adding to the chilling snap.

The make-up star captioned the post in line with Gollum’s famous quote: “MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUS.”

“I’m so sorry for this one I’m actually scaring myself and everyone in my house.”

Charlotte boasts 654,000 followers on Instagram where she frequently posts her extraordinary make-up looks.

Charlotte Roberts
The 18-year-old often posts her make-up looks onto Instagram

Equally horrified and astounded by Charlotte’s Halloween creation, fans fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the extravagant make-up.

One person commented: “This is so cool but omg I’m so scared.”

Another user added: “Absolutely terrifyingly good.”

While a third person noted: “Charlotte you terrify me sometimes.”

Someone else joked: “My therapist will be hearing about this.”

A fifth user remarked: “This is so scary I am gonna have nightmares.”

The talent must run in the family as Charlotte’s older sister Abby Roberts, 21, is also a make-up artist having featured as a guest judge on the BBC makeup competition ‘Glow Up.’

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