Man abandons his wife and son unannounced to chase greener pastures abroad… then he returned after 5 years to process their visa.

According to a write-up by an anonymous source who is a family member of the embattled family, the man left his home for a trip abroad without prior notice.

After 5 five years of an arranged marriage abroad to gain residency, the young man returned to Nigeria to apologize to his wife with the justification that it was in the family’s best interest for a better life.

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In the narrator’s words;

“A family friend traveled to USA without informing his wife and 2-year old son in Nigeria. With the help of a mutual friend, he got a job and also arranged marriage with 4 months. Fast forward 5 years later, marriage contract was over and they divorced, with his American P in his possession.

The following month, he showed up in Nigeria unannounced…found the wife still holding the family down, even though she looked tattered. He apologised profusely to his wife and son. Same year he file for his wife and son, and within 10 months he move both of them to USA with him. I later asked why he ghosted his wife like that, he said I and quote “Had I told her of my plans, she will never understand and that could have discouraged me.”

Man gives shocking reason for abandoning wife & 2-year-old son for 5 years to work abroad

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