Several men were seen outside London tube and train stations this week holding a large sign that said they’d ‘cheated‘ on their girlfriend.

The cardboard signs led people to believe that the men had been unfaithful, and that their punishment was to wear their shame in public.

However, people aren’t happy as it’s believed that the signs were part of an ad campaign for a dating app.

Each sign, which were written in identical text, read: “I cheated on my girlfriend on Thursday and this is my punishment.”

After noticing the odd signs, many people took to social media to share them online, including someone who spotted a man with a sign outside Liverpool Street Station.

Men seen holding signs as 'punishment for cheating'
They held a large sign that said they’d ‘cheated’ on their girlfriend

In a tweet that has now gone viral, racking up 54,000 likes, they wrote: “Absolute scenes at Liverpool Street this morning.”

Someone else shared a photo of another man with a sign, writing: “And Victoria.”

A third chimed in, saying: “Bank Station… Must’ve been some crazy Thursday night.”

After the photos began to circulate online, some people started speculating that it was a clever advertising campaign from dating app Thursday.

Men seen holding signs as 'punishment for cheating'
People believed their punishment was to wear their shame in public

This is due to the fact that the ‘y’ on the sign is stylised in the same way that the app does, with a chunk missing.

The app also wrote underneath one viral post: “We do not condone cheating.”

Some people weren’t happy you, as one person replied to the comment from the app, saying: “Then this is one weird ad campaign @thursdaydating.”

Another added: “But you’re perfectly happy advertising your app as a way to facilitate cheating on your partner?”

Thursday dating app logo
It’s thought the stunt may be an advertising campaign from dating app Thursday

A third wrote: “Yet your whole campaign concept is based around it.”

Despite the backlash, some people said they thought the campaign was pretty effective.

One person tweeted the photos of the sign and said: “Well played @thursdaydating. Well played…”

Again, the app responded: “We do not condone cheating,” a tagline that it ended up sharing multiple times on Twitter yesterday.

The app, co-founded by entrepreneurs George Rawlings and Matt McNeill Love, was introduced to try and combat ‘dating fatigue’, with an official description saying: “People are spending too much time on dating apps. Not only is the whole experience underwhelming, but pressure to find ‘the one’ is boring.”

Every Thursday, the app goes live from 0.01am until midnight, meaning its members have a one-day window to get in touch with matches to organise a date for that evening.

The company was forced to apologise last month after sending a push notification that told users: “Sleep well… Guess you’re sleeping alone tonight.”

Sharing a screenshot of the message, TV critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan wrote: “Wow this dating app can go to hell.”

The app later apologised, telling users in another push notification: “We got a notification very wrong last night. We’re here to empower singles, not shame them. We’re sorry.”

Daily Star has contacted Thursday for comment.

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