The 2011 12 months group of the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior Excessive Faculty (PRESEC), Legon, has launched into a well being stroll and aerobics, with winners of this 12 months’s Nationwide Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

The occasion shaped a part of the 12 months group’s initiation to change into what they name ‘Odadie’ after a decade of finishing the college.

The initiation knights them to change into a ‘full’ alumni of the college and its rules.

Mr Louis Kwame Sakyiamah, popularly often called Lexis Invoice, who led the stroll mentioned: “PRESEC previous college students are initiated into the Odade3 fraternity 10 years after completion and it’s the flip of the 2011 12 months group to be initiated in February 2021.”

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“Profiting from the college’s success within the NSMQ 2020, the 12 months group determined to assemble momentum in direction of subsequent 12 months’s Bonfire evening by means of a well being stroll with the winners and academics of the NSMQ 2020,” he mentioned.

The contributors converged on the Ayi Mensah toll sales space at 6:30 am, the stroll started in direction of Peduase by means of the Aburi mountain to the Pesuase Methodist Faculty the place they had been taken by means of aerobics and ended at 11. 00 am.

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