For reasons yet to be known, ThoseCalledCelebs has had some messy confrontation with Hopeson Adorye, a former member of parliament and husband of Empress Gifty.

A close source to ThoseCalledCelebs revealed certain things Empress Gifty has been doing in her marital home whilst accusing Hopeson Adorye of being married to her aunt and dumping her to marry Empress Gifty.

According to the source, Hopeson Adorye left his first wife and kids and travelled outside the country to seek greener pastures and when he returned after several years, the family of his former wife approached him to confirm if there are still in marriage and he said he is no longer interested in the marriage.

According to her, Mr Hopeson’s two children are living with him and Empress Gifty but she has been treating them like maids and in the house and Mr. Hopeson can’t complain because he is broke.

Her post reads;

“Mummy if it’s Hopeson Adorye that’s disturbing you then don’t mind him he’s a hopeless and useless man with reputation. He married my aunt and left her to search for greener pastures but never returned again to take care of his kids until he surfaced the news and headlines.

“The family went looking for him only for him to tell them that he’s no longer interested in their marriage. His wife gifty treats his child Eyra and Dzifa like maids in their own father’s house. He’s unable to talk about it but he knows it’s important to dig into other people’s lives.”

She captioned her post saying;

U can’t be hungry n cheat at de same time….. who does dat??? At ur age….u gotta think about ur c*ffin na 

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