A thief who broke into a car fell asleep after the operation and was found in the morning.

A Facebook user identified as Gabby A BornRich shared the hilarious story on the popular social media platform.

The Facebook user in his post narrated how a burglar managed to enter his house, break into his car but could not escape before daytime.

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Gabby A BornRich who shared the story in the popular Facebook group ‘TroTro Diaries’ disclosed that the suspect came for the operation at around 3 am.

He added that although the thief unfixed some different parts of the car which he planned to leave with and sell as spare parts for money he fell asleep after the operation.

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The thief was caught sleeping in the car around 6 am in morning.

“He feel deeply asleep after his operation, which everyone was shocked; my co-ternant saw him around 6:30 am while he was still sleeping,” Gabby wrote.


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