A young woman fell 164ft to her death as she posed for a selfie near a bridge used in a James Bond film.

Hatice Nur Karabulut lost her balance near a cliff while posing for a photo in the Turkish province of Adana at around 5.30pm on October 11.

The 21-year-old had been visiting the area with her cousin when she lost her footing while taking a photo with the Varda Viaduct, made famous from the opening scene in Skyfall, in the background.

Her cousin, Mazlum Sozeri, selflessly tried to grab hold of her but this resulted in both of them falling from a devastating height to the ground below.

Hatice Nur Karabulut
Hatice Nur Karabulut fell to her death as she tried taking a selfie at the Varda Viaduct used in Skyfall

Emergency services were alerted and raced to the scene to try and help the pair.

Hatice was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene, according to The Sun.

Mazlum, 26, was winched out to safety by emergency services and miraculously suffered only non-life-threatening injuries.

Hatice was in the area having started a new job at a restaurant.

Her cousin had come over from Spain and Hatice had been showing him the sites, including the Varda Viaduct.

Emergency services were called to help the pair but Hatice was pronounced dead at the scene

Hatice reportedly leaves behind two parents and a 14-year-old sister.

Her death is the latest in a number of selfie-related tragedies across the world.

According to figures compiled by inkifi.com, around 330 people died while trying to capture the perfect photo.

Over the past decade, numerous tragic deaths have been reported, including people falling off cliffs, being electrocuted or drowned in search of the perfect picture.

Hatice had recently moved to the area because of a new job

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India has been ranked number one with 176 deaths or injuries from selfies in the last ten years.

The figure dwarfs second-placed United States with 26 and third-placed Russia with 19.

Most accidents from a selfie are on railway lines with 62 deaths or injuries recorded from people trespassing on the line for a photo.

The second most common place is cliffs with rivers being the third of the most dangerous locations.

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