We have all had our fashion mishaps once upon a time- remember this London eye green screen blunder?

And this woman had instant regret after she tried on a dress that she couldn’t get off… while she was home alone.

TikTok user @slurricanemandy took to the social media site to share her rather unfortunate fashion dilemma.

She added text to the clip: “Thinking about that time I got stuck in a dress and had to send a video to my boyfriend to get him to come home from work to cut me out.”

Wanting the help of her boyfriend, the woman filmed her struggle in the bathroom.

Hilariously, the woman can be seen with a black dress stuck halfway over her boobs resulting in just her arms poking out.

woman stuck in black dress
The woman was in need of her boyfriends help to escape from the dress

She said in the clip: “You need to see this, I’m actually really stuck.”

Grunting, the woman struggles to pull the dress over her chest.

Thinking of her modesty in this time of trouble she added: “I’ll try not to flash you so I’ll turn around”.

After realising how well stuck she is, the woman peeks through the dress and admits: “F*** I need help.”

Unluckily for the TikToker, this was just the start of her problems.

woman stuck in dress
What a fashion fail! (Image: TikTok/@slurricanemandy)
woman peeking through dress
The woman peeked through the dress after attempting to pull it off (Image: TikTok/@slurricanemandy)

Hilariously, her dog startles her whilst she is sat on the edge of the bath.

This causes her to fall in whilst still stuck in the dress.

Defeated by the dress, the woman sits up in the bathtub and swears to herself knowing the dress isn’t coming off until her boyfriend gets home.

She captioned the video: “It had no zipper and I saw stars/my life flash before my eyes.

“Took me five years to get the balls to post this.”

woman in bath
Her luck was out after being pushed in the bath by her dog

The viral clip has now racked up a whopping 17.7 million views and has reached a massive 3.2 million likes.

People rushed to the comment section after viewing the unfortunate fashion fail.

One user commented: “According to legend. She’s still trying to get that dress off to this day.”

Another person said: “ I felt this panic.”

A third user related to the mishap: “I’ve been there…in the dressing room!”

A fourth admitted: “I’m feeling claustrophobic just watching this.”

And another joked: “I’m sorry I died when you fell in the bathtub.”

What an ordeal!

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